Divisions of ECC

Finishes Unlimited, Inc.

Finishes Unlimited specializes in the development, manufacture and marketing of environmentally compliant industrial coatings. Headquartered in Sugar Grove, Illinois, Finishes Unlimited has been a coating manufacturer for more than 47 years. Today, they specialize in industrial coatings for use by OEM manufacturers, including waterborne air dry and bake enamel coatings.

Prime Coatings

Beginning in the early 80’s, Prime Coatings began to carve out a reputation for brilliant color offerings, particularly in the bicycle, motorcycle, and ATV industries. Color Development at Prime involves working closely with our customers’ marketing people and stylists to create unique effects that separate their products from their competitor’s.

Prime Leather Finishes 

Prime Leather Finishes Company was incorporated in 1931 and has evolved to become one of America’s largest producers of innovative products for tanners, shoe manufacturers and leather goods manufacturers. PLF has achieved a reputation for innovation, quality, and expertise in the design manufacture of chemical coatings.

Composite Coatings, Inc 

Composite Coatings, Inc. is a supplier of exterior grade, UV curable coatings for construction 
and industrial products produced from PVC, fiberglass, WPC’s, cementitious, and other 
composite substrates. These coatings are custom formulated for each product application and 
are available in a clear coat or colors and at various gloss levels.